2017 End of Year and Moving Ahead in 2018

It’s been two years since I started my quarterly updates. In January 2016, I decided to set some real goals for Beyond Mommying for the first time. I met those goals and set new goals for 2017 last January.

It turns out I didn’t meet all of those goals I set a year ago. But I’m still overall happy with the progress I did make and where Beyond Mommying is.

  • My main goal of earning enough to cover the costs of recovering my computer files was met. I earned more than twice as much in 2017 as I did in 2016 and though my expenses were also twice as much, 2017 was my most profitable year thus far (though still well below what I’m probably capable of achieving).
  • I did not meet my lofty pageview goal. I missed the monthly pageview goal I’d set by about 20% in July and wasn’t even close any other month. And for the first time, I didn’t more than double my yearly pageviews, only seeing a 30% overall increase which I’ll admit is very disappointing.
  • I’d also set the goal of getting one piece published outside Beyond Mommying each month. I only made it to 8 pieces but I’m really proud of the pieces that I did get out there.
  • I was able to expand my partnerships with many different brands, companies and programs to bring you more great information on many different products and services we love as a family.
  • My social media game has been hit and miss over 2017, and I paid it little attention as the year came to an end. But over the last quarter, I saw 3% growth overall on my social channels and email subscribers with the biggest growth on Facebook (6%) and, unfortunately, saw a small decrease for the first time on Instagram over the last quarter.
  • Over the course of the year, though, I saw an overall increase of 15% with more than 10% on each network other than google+ (yes, I still use google+ even though no one else seems to!) My email list over 2017 increased 42% and my Pinterest followers went up 23% (which brought me a 30% increase in Pinterest referrals).

So, what does all that mean for 2018? Honestly, not much. This year is already presenting myself and my family with great challenges and changes and I know that we need the flexibility to handle whatever comes our way.

Meaning, for 2018 I’m not setting goals so much as making plans:

  • I plan to continue creating new content as I’m able as well as sharing my older content that has done well.
  • I plan to take the time to go back and clean up my older, great posts that aren’t doing anything. Creating new content can be a time consuming and exhausting process so refreshing older posts that have great information but are missing great photos and such is an easy way to grow Beyond Mommying.
  • I plan to continue my current plan for social sharing. I need to rekindle my Facebook page, but I’m happy with the growth and interaction I’m receiving on Twitter and Pinterest.
  • I plan to create and offer more products and printables, both free and paid as well as making them easier to get and hosting them directly through Beyond Mommying rather than having to go through secondary sites.
  • I plan to focus on my family first. My operating expenses for this year will be low (assuming no computer or other catastrophes like last year!) and so I feel confident being able to sit back and let things take their course without putting a major strain on my family.


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