Category: Time to Celebrate

Like a Wrecking Ball

My girls are not always that thrilled about having two little brothers. They’re loud, they’re active and they can be wild. And, usually, they have little regard for others’ feelings. Awhile back, Sugarplum lost it …

Entering a New Stage, Together

I have a lot of experience with children. In addition to teaching dance, I was also a preschool and infant teacher before becoming a mommy. That is, before Honeybun came along and changed my life …

Four Years Down

Four years ago, I knew nothing about being a mommy to boys. Four years ago, I was handed my third tiny bundle. Four years ago we began a new journey. Last night, I kissed Doodle’s …

It’s Christmas Time in South Florida

I have this thing with rewriting songs. Last year I did a parenting re-mix of Jingle Bells and as Honeybun wrapped up kindergarten, my own version of In Summer from Frozen. This year, as Christmas fast approaches, …

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