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Lemon Turkey Soup with Barley

We’ve been in Colorado for a few weeks now and while I knew fall was coming, I’ll admit I wasn’t fully prepared for the sudden weather change that rolled in last week. And while the …
Orange Creme Macarons Recipe: a tasty twist on the classic French Macaron easily made at home with a little time, patience and simple ingredients.

Orange Creme Macarons Recipe

I love getting in the kitchen and creating yummy concoctions for my family. And while I usually stick to things that are quick and simple, every once in a while I like to get a …

Easy Homemade Fondant Recipe

There are very few things I’m committed to doing homemade all the time. But two things I promised myself to always make my kids by hand is their Halloween costumes and their birthday cakes. Nine …
Maple Bacon Donut Recipe: Simple yeast donut recipe combing bacon and maple flavors with basic ingredients. Easy enough kids can help, too!

Maple Bacon Donut Recipe

I kind of like bacon. A lot. And while I don’t make it often, when I do it, we seem to have it a few different times in a short period leaving a lot of …

Create Your Own Mini Burger Bar

We like basic dinners, things that are easy to throw together quickly. But that doesn’t mean we like to eat boring or plain things and we also like to mix it up sometimes and try …

Peppermint Melty Cookies Recipe

When we were in Massachusetts visiting family recently, Honeybun asked if we could make cookies. I suggested she create a recipe for her journal entry that day (yes, I made my kids do school during …

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