A to Z: Stocking Stuffers for Kids

As a kid, opening stockings first thing Christmas morning was one of my most favorite things. I loved seeing all the tiny treasures packed into my stocking almost as much as I enjoyed opening my big presents. But as a mommy, picking stocking stuffers for kids can be a challenge.

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Finding age appropriate stocking stuffers for kids that are small enough to fit into the stocking without spending a fortune can be tough. Plus, I like to put a few different treasures in there so size and cost become even bigger factors.

So, here’s my list of A-Z stocking stuffer ideas for kids:

Art Kits

What kid doesn’t love are and making a huge mess? A small, specific art kit is the perfect stocking stuffer for keeping kids busy for a little while without having to deal with the craft mess and storage afterwards.


My kids are avid readers so books are always well received so I always throw a few small-scale books in for stocking stuffers for kids. Board books or early readers are easy for little ones and series like The Magic Treehouse and Who Is are slim (and educational!) chapter books for older kids.


My boys can literally never have enough small cars, and even I as a kid loved driving cars all over the house, lining them up and spending hours playing.

Doll Accessories

From hats to purses to earrings and pets, my girls think they need all the things for their dolls and these small little gifts make the perfect stocking stuffers for kids.


Honeybun got an MP3 player for her birthday and both girls have Kindles that they like to play on when their school is finished but I don’t like listening to all their noise so earbuds and headphones have become a must-have in our house (and car and airplane when traveling!)

Fingernail Polish

What little girl isn’t obsessed with nailpolish? It doesn’t get any easier than a little jar of kid-safe nailpolish slipped in the stocking.


Travel games make the perfect stocking stuffers for kids, especially if you’re on the road for the holidays because they fit nicely into stockings and can also provide entertainment for the journey home!


It’s winter, who doesn’t need a hat? Roll up a cute knit and you’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer idea!


This summer for Honeybun’s birthday, we had her friends over to swim after they did a painting project so in their goodie bags, we put in small inflatables and all the kids loved them, making me think that mini inflatables would also make perfect stocking stuffers for kids.


Whether dress up or dressy, my kids love jewelry of all kinds and it makes the perfect small and inexpensive (or expensive, if you want) stocking stuffer idea for kids.

Kinetic Sand

Who doesn’t love kinetic sand? Even I could sit and play with it for hours so a mini version popped in the stocking is sure to please and kid!

Lego Minifigures

If you have a Lego obsessed kid, chances are they also love minifigures so dropping a few in their stockings is a simple solution to finding the perfect stocking stuffer for older kids.

Mad Libs

Who doesn’t remember playing Mad Libs as a kid? It’s something I’ve started doing again with my girls because not only are they super fun, they also help to teach and reinforce grammar! (My poor kids can’t ever get away from learning.)

Nerf Darts

We don’t play with Nerf guns often (since my 4 year old likes to shoot my toddler at close range) but whenever we do, the darts are sure to get lost making refill darts the perfect stocking stuff for Nerf loving kids.


My kids each have their own small Christmas tree that they decorate with their special ornaments and keep outside their rooms. Many of their ornaments are letter ornaments that they get from my aunt but putting one in their stocking each Christmas would be a great family tradition.

Playmobil Figures

My kids haven’t gotten into regular sized Legos yet, but man do they love Playmobil which is why they each get a mystery figure in their stocking (and sometimes in their Easter basket, too!)

iQ Games

Honeybun was introduced to these awesome tiny traveling games by a friend at gymnastics. They’re the perfect size to fit in a stocking and keep her entertained (and not frustrated) for a long time.

Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks are a fun toy because they can used on land or in water and come in all different shapes, sizes and characters.


Stamps are a fun craft item that doesn’t take up a lot of room or make a lot of mess making it a perfect stocking stuffer idea for kids.

Tamagotchi Pets

I definitely had a Tamagotchi Pet in middle school (I remember spending an entire summer vacation to my grandparent’s house obsessively keeping it alive) and I have to admit I was a little overly excited to see they were back. This is likely something my kids will be finding in their stockings this Christmas morning!

Ugly Socks

Unless you have enormously large stockings, an ugly holiday sweater isn’t an option to how about starting a tradition of ugly socks instead?

Virtual Reality Headset

I was surprised to walk into the office supply store the other day and find a stack of virtual reality boxes sitting with all the clearanced left over school supplies but these contraptions are now small enough and inexpensive enough to make a perfect stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.

Washi Tape

There are a million and one uses for washi tape and it’s become a favorite crafting accessory of my girls who have found countless things to cover. Plus, it’s small and inexpensive so a great choice for stocking stuffers.


X is hard, ya’ll. So just throw a mini xylophone or other small instrument in there and be glad I did the hard thinking for you (unless you have a better idea, I’m always open to change!)


Yo-yos are one of those classic kids toys that are never going to go out of style. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, characters and price ranges and always fit in a stocking.


Not to be confused with the obsession of many babies, Zoobs are a favorite small building toy in our house consisting of small, snap-together tube like pieces.

So, there it is: 26 stocking stuffers for kids!

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