Beach Pumpkin Crafts for Florida Inspired Halloween Decorations

I may not be in Florida right now but my heart is certainly with friends and neighbors who are in the process of rebuilding after Hurricane Irma. There is so much to love about our Florida home and I used that inspiration to create these beach pumpkin crafts which will become part of our Halloween decorations.

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Florida makes me think of the sun, beach, palm trees and flamingos and those things were my main inspiration for my beach pumpkin crafts. I’m not terribly artistic, but these Florida inspired pumpkin crafts take little artistic ability They just require time, patience and the right tools to create some awesome beach Halloween decorations!

How to make the beach pumpkin crafts:

Sea Shell Pumpkin

What you need (affiliate links):

How to make the Sea Shell Pumpkin:

Choose a swirled, taller shell to act as a stem and glue on top of the mini pumpkin. Glue other flat shells around the rest of the pumpkin, piecing together to cover the pumpkin as completely as possible.

Sea Glass Pumpkin

What you need (affiliate links):

How to make the Sea Glass Pumpkin:

Pull out the biggest, flatter pieces of glass. Starting at the top, around the stem, glue glass pieces on the pumpkin, piecing together to cover the pumpkin as completely as possible.

Palm Tree Pumpkin

What you need (affiliate links):

How to make the Palm Tree Pumpkin:

Select a mini pumpkin with a long stem. Using the paint brush, coast the pumpkin completely with glue and roll pumpkin in the sand to completely cover the pumpkin. Gently pull apart the paper fan to create palm fronds and arrange then glue to the top of the pumpkin stem.

Flamingo Pumpkin

What you need (affiliate links):

How to make the Flamingo Pumpkin:

Select a taller pumpkin. Using small, sharp scissors, cut around the flamingos on the ribbon. Cut as many flamingos as there are sections on your selected pumpkin. Apply a generous layer of craft glue to one section of the pumpkin and lay a flamingo cut out on top then apply a layer of glue over the flamingo cut out to secure it to the pumpkin. Repeat for each section and flamingo. Let glue dry then re-glue any flamingo corners that didn’t stick down and coat the entire pumpkin with a layer of glue to give it a nice shine and tie a ribbon around the stem.

And there you have an entire collection of Florida inspired beach pumpkin crafts which make the perfect coastal Halloween decorations or simply provide a reminder of a much-loved loved place.

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