I’ve been very fortunate to be receiving opportunities to share my stories on other parenting and blogging sites.  Here are some of my articles outside of Beyond Mommying:



10 Things I Want Every New Mommy to Know

The Reason I Chose to Homeschool my Kids has Nothing to Do with Teachers

I’m Glad I Found Love in a Low-tech World

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10 Simple Reasons You Really Need to Try Cloth Diapers


Giving Birth is Not a Party

The End of Pregnancy is the Worst



Ridiculous Questions about Large Families

Call it what it is: PARENTwork

Kindergarten Broke My Daughter

Oklahoma State, We Are With You

Dear Spouses of Stay at Home Parents



This is Everything

This too Shall Pass

There’s No Wading into Motherhood

The Day My Children Broke Me

Have Courage and Be Kind: Lessons from Cinderella

5 Changes I Made for a Less Stressful Life


Stop Saying You’re Homeschooling your Three Year Old


My Husband Doesn’t Buy Me Gifts Anymore

The Realities of Modern Motherhood

Redshirting Children: A Solution to the Wrong Problem?

10408913_10152670807196685_1155297529818096488_nBack to Homeschool

Then and Now: 25 Years of Car Seat Safety

Other Places I’ve Been Featured:

Expert Quoted on Care.com

Contributor in the TODAY Parenting Team Community

Featured Blogger on BlogHer

Guest Post on Perfectly Imperfect Mom

Part of the Messy, Beautiful Warriors project on Momastery

Guest Post on VoiceBoks