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A South America Unit Study

South America Unit Study

Last summer the girls and I undertook our European Learning Adventure and while we started out strong with our week on France and even visited Ireland, as we got closer to baby time, we did …
Introducing solid foods to baby: how and when to introduce what foods and a printable checklist of solid foods to introduce to baby.

Introducing Solid Foods To Baby

I’ve become the ultimate lazy mommy when it comes to feeding baby. I exclusively breastfeed as long as possible (because what’s easier than that?), usually to around 7 months, then begin introducing solid foods to baby. …

Print Handwriting Practice

I have a love/hate relationship with proper handwriting.  I’m sure it all started back in 3rd grade when I learned cursive and my teacher, Mr. Abrams, would always return my papers with the same note: …

Daily Food Chart

Last week we had donuts for breakfast one morning.  Immediately after finishing two, Honeybun was “still hungry” and asked to have some toast.  I suggested instead that she have some fruit to which she exclaimed …

A Hungarian Culinary Adventure

We started our European Learning Adventure over a month ago with our curriculum unit on France but the past few weeks haven’t been as “educational” as that first week. Our second week we focused on …

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