The Season of Spring

Ah, Spring. When the flowers begin to bud and the leaves begin to pop back out on the trees! Unless you live in Florida. And then Spring is when everything dies. And the falling leaves mix with the scattered rains and you get leafy pulp mush.

Welcome to #springtime in #Florida, when everything dies…

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It’s a phenomenon I first experienced during my college days in Jacksonville when each “spring” I would trudge through the muck (all yucky and brown– thank you Doodle and his Duck in the Truck obsession!). It was weird.

I grew up in Colorado, where the leaves change beautiful colors and fall off the trees in the Fall, as they should. And my first February and March in Florida was miserable!  And not that Colorado is that much better since it can go from this:colorado spring

to this:colorado spring

and back to this:colorado spring

in just a few days during the springtime, but at least the seasons do change and things happen at the appropriate times!

Weirdly, the only place we’ve ever lived with a “real” Spring was in Dublin where, though the weather would stay cool, flowers bloomed in the early spring as everything came back alive in colorful splendor!dublin spring1

I remember growing up, Spring being a time or excitement as the weather began to warm up (between snow storms) and things began to grow, the new life that you expect in Spring.  But in Florida, Spring is the messy time when everything is just gross and messy and not much fun!

Plus it is so hard to teach children about seasons when you live in a place that has Messy, Hot, Less Hot and Mildly Hot.  At least we are fortunate that we’ve gotten to travel a lot and see the seasons all over the world but it would be nice to have a real spring again!

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