How Much is Too Much?

I vividly remember getting ready to come home from Dublin to wait for Sugarplum’s arrival. We were scheduled to be back for about 9 weeks in all (a long weekend in London followed by a week in Colorado with my family, and seven weeks in Florida). Not only was I leaving Ireland pregnant and returning with a newborn, I also had a two-year old in tow.

I knew which baby things I would absolutely need and had to bring for the baby: car seat, clothes, socks, blankets.

But then there were all the “niceties” that I spent weeks agonizing over whether or not to cram them in my suitcase: my beloved Boppy pillow, burp rags, travel bed, hats, shoes, etc. I knew what I needed but I couldn’t predict what I might want. And I didn’t even know if I was bringing home a boy or a girl!

I also had a toddler that was sure to grow in the 2 months we were gone. So not only did I need the clothes that fit her, but clothes to grow into (which I already owned and wasn’t about to not use!)

And then there was me: leaving 36 weeks pregnant with 1 pair of pants that fit and returning 2-6 weeks postpartum.

That trip was probably the most stressful we’ve done to date. And here I sit, trying to get ready to do it all again as we get ready for our first long roadtrip with the kids and 6-ish weeks with family in Colorado.

Except now I have four small, growing things to pack for. And the weather in Colorado this time of year can quickly go from warm and wonderful to snow.

So I’m looking at taking warm weather clothes and winter clothes. Plus the clothes I have waiting for when they grow next, which could easily be in the next six weeks. And it’s not a little vacation where I can pack our favorite things and we’ll be home before we need to do laundry. Because while we’re away, all the things we don’t take will be sitting unused. And what if by the time we get back they don’t fit anymore? I can’t stand to be wasteful!

So it looks like I’ll be packing every corner of the car with all the things because I really just don’t have the energy to obsess about it right now. Plus, it’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared, right? (right?!)

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