Sugarplum’s Dancing Unicorns

A few years ago, hubby and I were talking about the kids, life, things. He leaned into to me and said ” sometimes when I’m talking to Sugarplum, it’s like I can see unicorns dancing in her head.”

It’s become a sort of joke since then. Whenever her mind wanders or we can see her not paying attention we’ll say “Sugarplum, what are the unicorns doing?” Or simply just “Unicorns!!” and she knows she needs to pay attention.

It can be frustrating at times to get things accomplished with the unicorns running free, but it’s also become one of my favorite things about Sugarplum.

She is very much her own person. She does what she wants, when she wants. And while that can be challenging as a parent trying to get through life, I also love that she’s never cared what other people think of her.

She is notoriously blunt (she once told a girl at gymnastics camp who asked her name that it was none of her business) and has always been proud of herself.

She is silly and creative. She pushes herself to be her best and expects the best from others. She is an awesome problem solver and solution finder. She is never low-key, always running at a 10 whether happy or sad, there is no in-between for her.

Today, though, our little girl is 7. And I can already see the changes coming. The pre-tween turmoil that has rocked Honeybun over the past few years is starting to creep into Sugarplum, too. 

But I am doing everything I can to help her hold on to her unicorns because after her tumultuous first years, Sugarplum deserves to ride through life on the backs of magical unicorns.

All I hope for 7 is that she maintains her innocence and self-determination. That she keeps being herself and bringing her own little dose of happiness to the world.

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