I Love Pregnancy

6 months ago I would have gladly proclaimed that I was one of those women, you know…the kind that actually love pregnancy!

Because I did.  I absolutely adored being pregnant with Honeybun and Sugarplum.  And even with all the issues I had with Doodle (placenta previa and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), I still actually enjoyed my pregnancy overall.

I never really understood when women would complain about it.  Sure, I don’t suffer from traditional morning sickness and I can’t imagine that is much fun (but what I do experience is pretty bad, too!)  But we are creating life!  We are building tiny little people cell by cell and that is pretty darn awesome!  Almost every flutter and hiccup I felt was magical.  I was constantly in awe of what my body was doing and soooo excited to welcome my sweet babies.

And I still totally feel all those feelings.  But I get it now. Being pregnant at 31 is certainly not the same as doing it at 24.  I feel the difference in my body.  I’m sure having three other kids doesn’t help things, either, but I definitely feel more tired, heavier, less in shape and am overall enjoying it less (which isn’t helping the fact that it seems like this baby is taking FOREVER to get here!)

I’m just at 24 weeks, only 16ish more to go.  And while that is encouraging, I also know it’s the hardest and most exhausting part yet to come!  My hips and pubic bone have already started popping (a few weeks ahead of when it first occurred with Doodle) and while I am trying to be proactive about keeping the popping, pain and immobility to a minimum, I’m still moderately terrified it’s going to come back raging mad this time.

I also feel like with this pregnancy I’m putting on weight a lot quicker than previously and while I’ve always carried my babies small and people are saying the same this time, I feel like my belly is HUGE for 24 weeks.  It’s already impeding my motion and ability to do normal tasks like bending over and carrying heavier or large items.

TPC belly


But then I look back at my last two pregnancies at about the same time and maybe I’m not so huge after all, it just feels that way.

mid pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly an ever evolving phenomenon, no two pregnancies are the same and how you feel within one pregnancy can change from day to day.  But what has always been constant for me is the excitement of feeling my little baby sloshing inside and anxiously awaiting his/her arrival.  Only 4 more months (and a lot to do in life in the meantime!)


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