I’ve been having this strange feeling for a while but it wasn’t until a few days ago I realized what it meant.  I’m a busy stay at home mommy with two beautiful daughters and baby #3 due in a few months, and finding the time and energy to actually think is sometimes a challenge.  My revelation came during what has become my favorite time of the day, nap time, when I can climb in a nice warm shower and have as much  uninterrupted, quiet, me, alone time as I need and the realization I had was this:

I’m an amazing mommy!

Wait, don’t close your browser!  I know what you’re thinking, not another mommy who thinks she knows everything and has the perfect children.  My family is far from perfect and I could spend all day writing down examples.  Really, I’m just a mommy like any other.  I spend my day trying not to lose my temper (or my mind!).  I work through the daily feelings of guilt, stress, loneliness, and inadequacy.  I raise my voice.  I trip on toys.  I throw toys into trash bags.  I listen to constant whining and arguing. I shower my children with as much love and affection as I can manage. I do the laundry and the cooking. And sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and cry.  But most importantly, I do it all without regret (most of the time) because ultimately what I’m really trying to do is help my children become good people in a world where doing the right thing is often secondary to getting ahead.

I finally pieced together that these “feelings” I’ve been having are my ideas, knowledge, and passion to create a better world for my children all colliding, intermingling, building, and trying to find their way out.  So when I say I’m an amazing mom, what I really mean is although I’ve spent the better part of the past three years being “just” a mom, what I have to offer the world goes far beyond mommying.  I’ve realized that I’m one smart cookie, and if no institution or individual wants to hire me and monopolize on my talents, then maybe it’s time for me to just get it out there, to share myself with the world and hope that I can make a tiny bit of difference in the wide world where my children are growing and changing daily. I don’t hope to get a cult following for what I write but would just like to provide a mostly positive perspective on parenting and life in a world where mommies face constant criticism, competition, and self doubt.  I in no way intend to preach that mommyhood is easy and wonderful all the time but if I can share what I have learned and what has worked for me as a mommy and maybe touch just a few moms and give them each one idea to make their life easier and help them see that being a mommy is hard but also the most rewarding, amazing thing you’ll ever do, I’ll be happy.

Bottom line: If you like it and appreciate what I have to say, share it with a friend.  If you don’t care for it then move on, no hurt feelings here!