I met my husband during my first week of college.  We became inseparable almost instantly and knew quickly that we had a long future ahead of us.  We have spent the past 12 years working together to build a life, a family and ourselves.  We’ve moved around the world, relocating enough long distances to total over 10,000 miles and in 7 years of marriage have added 3 more members to our family and are awaiting our fourth child.


Honeybun is a bright, independent and often bossy 6 1/2 year old.  She is doing school at home and also enjoys her once a week ballet class.  She is an extremely quick learner, often only having to hear things once before she remembers it (of course this super memory does not apply to house rules) but struggles with creative thinking tasks and problem solving.  She is a very compassionate child and worries about how other people are feeling and gets easily overwhelmed by her emotions.  She is mature beyond her years and we often joke that she is “6 going on 16…”  She loves to use her “magic brain” to try to change the world and would spend all her time reading and playing with dolls if I would let her.

Sugarplum is a silly, persistent and energetic little 4 ½ year old.  She is also doing school at home in addition to gymnastics and an acro and hip hop class.  She is constantly watching what others are doing and picks up and mimics things she sees.  She loves to sing, be silly and make people laugh.  She also has a knack for problem solving and loves pretend play which she is helping to cultivate in her big sister.  She has always been a big talker, using words befitting a much older person but struggles with extreme shyness at times.  She is a little fireball that never stops moving and sometimes has an uncontrollable temper.

Our first little boy, Doodle, is an energetic and strong-willed 2 year old.  He is a stark difference from our girls with his love of throwing things, climbing and flopping on any soft surface he finds himself on.  He is fascinated by new things and seems to have an unusually advanced understanding of how things work.  He is extremely stubborn and likes to be in charge and struggles with being patient, especially when it comes to food.  He loves trains, trucks and building with blocks.

We are also expecting baby #4, our fourth surprise, who will be joining the family in the late summer and I can’t wait for him/her to arrive and complete our little family!

All three of our children are loving and independent and adore each other. We are very lucky that we’ve never had to deal with rivalry or “can’t you send the baby back?” questions as they’ve adored each other from the start!

 Kids Walking