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Tips for making the process of buying a family car less stressful and to help ensure you get the perfect car for your family's needs now and as it grows.

Tips for Less Stress when Buying a Family Car

“Sponsored Post”: I have been compensated for featuring in this post. As always, however, the experiences, ideas, statements, and opinions included are all mine. Car buying is rarely an easy thing. Throw in a kid …

Ramblings from the Road, Day 3

Well, our big roadtripping adventure is done. We all made it to Colorado and though today was by far my most trying day after our flight was delayed by an hour (the connecting flight was, …

Ramblings from the Road, Day 2

This one is going to be short and sweet. It’s been a long two days. I’m exhausted, sore and ready to be done after 18 1/2 hours on the road with a toddler and 7 …

Ramblings from the Road, Day 1

Well, we all survived the first day of our big roadtrip from Florida to Colorado. Pipsqueak, Sugarplum and I survived the first day of driving and easily made it to our hotel by dinnertime without …
How Much is Too Much?

How Much is Too Much?

I vividly remember getting ready to come home from Dublin to wait for Sugarplum’s arrival. We were scheduled to be back for about 9 weeks in all (a long weekend in London followed by a week …

A Night in the Life:Toddler Bed Time

I’ve never been a co- sleeper. I like my space and quiet resting time waaaaay too much! But there are times when life necessitates me sleeping with one of my children. And last night was …

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