Category: Time to Celebrate

Entering a New Stage, Together

I have a lot of experience with children. In addition to teaching dance, I was also a preschool and infant teacher before becoming a mommy. That is, before Honeybun came along and changed my life …

Four Years Down

Four years ago, I knew nothing about being a mommy to boys. Four years ago, I was handed my third tiny bundle. Four years ago we began a new journey. Last night, I kissed Doodle’s …

It’s Christmas Time in South Florida

I have this thing with rewriting songs. Last year I did a parenting re-mix of Jingle Bells and as Honeybun wrapped up kindergarten, my own version of In Summer from Frozen. This year, as Christmas fast approaches, …

A Shift in the Holiday Season

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. A successful dinner with family and after-dinner drinks and socializing with neighbors made for a great day. But I didn’t realize until after the kids were in bed and my …

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