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Fun facts about the reality of postpartum recovery

Fun Facts About Postpartum Recovery

When I had Honeybun over 7 years ago, no one really talked about what would happen AFTER the baby was here.  I was discharged from the hospital with a newborn, the words “take your pain …
Tips from a ballet teacher on what to consider and look for when picking a dance studio

Picking a Dance Studio

As parents start getting ready for back to school, it’s also the time when many parents start looking at and enrolling in extracurricular activities.  I’m not the type of mommy who puts my kids in …
Printable list for what a baby needs

What a Baby Needs

I’ve shared my lists of what a baby needs including my Must Have Baby Items and my longer list of things that are Nice to Have (download and print both What a Baby Needs Checklists below). …

Sucking Habits: Pacifier vs. Thumb

Hubby and I are very avid researchers when it comes to making parenting decisions (really I’m the researcher then sharer and we make a decision together).  Some things were not every really discussed, just assumed …
Tips and resources for telling siblings about a new baby on the way

A Baby in Mommy’s Tummy!

Sharing news of a new baby with your kids is an exciting thing but how you tell a sibling about a new baby brother or sister can determine how your child takes the news and a lot of …

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