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How We Talk About Failure

A few weeks ago Sugarplum had her third competitive gymnastics meet. Her first one in early October was amazing, she finished third place overall on her team and had the 6th highest all around score for …
I have chosen to love, not hate. I have chosen to teach not dwell. I have chosen to spend my time showing and teaching my children love rather than dwelling on the hate. It's really the only thing I can do right now to make our world better.

I Choose to Teach Love, Not Hate

There is so much hate in the world right now. So many people calling out for help. Pointing out injustices. Asking for change. The world is filled with hurt. There is so much information being …
Introducing solid foods to baby: how and when to introduce what foods and a printable checklist of solid foods to introduce to baby.

Introducing Solid Foods To Baby

I’ve become the ultimate lazy mommy when it comes to feeding baby. I exclusively breastfeed as long as possible (because what’s easier than that?), usually to around 7 months, then begin introducing solid foods to baby. …

Easy Ideas for Teaching the ABCs

Doodle just turned three and is starting to comprehend how it is we read.  And while we are far from starting any kind if homeschooling program with him, I have started working more deliberately on …
Mommying Shouldn't Be This Hard

Mommying Shouldn’t Be This Hard.

It seems these days that being a mommy is just too much for many of us. Motherhood has become exhausting, overwhelming, at times unbearable. We find ourselves doing it all, most of the time on our …

Sensory Play

All of Beyond Mommying’s Posts on Sensory Development and Sensory Play: The Basics of Sensory Development Early Sensory Development Simple Sensory Play Music Activities Playing/Drawing with Cream Jell-o Activities Putting together a Sensory Walk Play-doh …

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