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This Body of Mine

This body of mine has been my most precious asset for as long as I can remember but it’s also something I’ve never been wholly comfortable with. I began harnessing its strength and beauty before I could …

Fluidity at Home Barre Giveaway

Keeping fit and healthy is always a struggle for new moms.  Many who are used to an exercise routine before and even during pregnancy have trouble maintaining that routine once baby arrives leaving them feeling …
Tips from a ballet teacher on what to consider and look for when picking a dance studio

Picking a Dance Studio

As parents start getting ready for back to school, it’s also the time when many parents start looking at and enrolling in extracurricular activities.  I’m not the type of mommy who puts my kids in …
Dance Mom Moments

Dance Mom Moments

All of Beyond Mommying’s posts on being a Dance Mom: First experience as mommy to a little dancer: “My Baby Ballerina” First time as a backstage mommy: “Show Time!” Parent observation week as a mommy/dance teacher: “Parent/Teacher Observations” …

Baby Names from Ballets

I swear, this whole baby naming thing gets harder and harder every time. Since we’ve never found out the gender of our babies before they were in our arms, we’ve always had to narrow it down …

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