Like a Wrecking Ball

My girls are not always that thrilled about having two little brothers. They’re loud, they’re active and they can be wild. And, usually, they have little regard for others’ feelings.

Awhile back, Sugarplum lost it when Pipsqueak repeatedly knocked down a block structure she was trying to build. She screamed, “He always comes in here and is wrecking everything!” Which, of course, prompted Honeybun to break into an impromptu rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

It’s since become a thing in our family. Every time Pipsqueak gets too wild or starts breaking things (which happens more than I’d like to admit), we’ll scream “hey, wrecking ball!” Or break out into song and dance.

But it’s not just his tendency to destroy everything in his path that got him his name, he really earned that title the moment he was born as all 9 1/2 pounds of him shot out of my body like a cannon. And he’s spent the past two years knocking down everything our family has known, forcing us to rebuild our lives with and around this new, tiny person.

Two years.

Today, my baby is two.

Two years ago, he came into our world in the darkness of the night (though lacking the stormy backdrop I’d been imagining) with his big sisters and brother looking on. And in that moment, everything changed.

Like his arrival, he wasn’t at all what we expected and he’s been throwing surprises at us ever since. But he is also our everything. He is our baby, and everyone takes a special responsibility and kindness towards him.

And he adores them right back, mimicking what they do and say and trying to be one of the “big kids.” He doesn’t see himself as any different than them. He came into our lives and shook everything up while wiggling his little way right into our hearts.

He refuses to say “mama” but he’ll ask for milk and screams “dada!” every time hubby gets home. He loves trucks as much as his big brother and is starting to love books though his favorite things still involve being loud and busy.

He has some particular tendencies and likes things to be just right. He has an insatiable appetite (and thirst) and there are few things he just won’t eat.

He exhausts me to the point of collapsing in bed every night, only to wake up to his calling for me in the morning. Yet, I can’t help but look at this sweet little face and smile. I can’t help but laugh at his antics and my heart feels so full and happy.

He may have come into our lives and spent the past two years wrecking everything in his path but what he’s left in his wake is a happier, stronger family.

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