A Night in the Life:Toddler Bed Time

I’ve never been a co- sleeper. I like my space and quiet resting time waaaaay too much! But there are times when life necessitates me sleeping with one of my children.

And last night was one of those nights. In the chaos of getting 4 kids and all their stuff out for a few days exploring Maine, we completely forgot to grab Pipsqueak’s travel bed. 

So, I found myself sharing a pullout couch with my toddler. The last time I shared a bed with a toddler was two years ago in Dublin and last night’s adventure was no better (at least I’m not pregnant this time!)

I made a little barrier to keep Pipsqueak on the bed and he laid down so nicely! But I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

This is a night in the life: toddler bedtime

8:53– Laid down

8:54– Laying nicely on back

8:55– Rolling back and forth, tummy to back, singing

8:56– Trying to climb of bed and wrestling Mommy 

8:57– Laying quietly on back

8:58– Laying on back, throwing legs up and down, talking

8:59– Alternating between womping Mommy’s nose and pushing forehead into her lips for kisses
9:00– Laying on back, singing
9:01–Sitting up and feeling the airconditioner blow on face

9:02– Laying on tummy, belly scooting up and down the bed

9:03– Pulling shirt up and letting it fall down over tummy

9:04– Exploring belly button

9:05– Trying to pull socks off

9:06– Laying on tummy, occassionally tugging at socks

9:07– Laying on tummy, flapping arms and legs and “doo-doo-dooing”

9:08-9:11– Rolling and flopping around

9:12– Snuggling Mommy’s arm and hand

9:13– Laying on Mommy’s tummy, flapping legs and plucking at lips

9:14-9:20– Rolling and flopping around, singing

9:22– Asleep!!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t smooth sailing from there. He also woke up at 1:30 crying which, for unknown reasons, turned into a screaming, flailing fit (he eventually just laid down and went back to sleep). Followed by a 5:15 wake-up that started the same and ended with him asking for milk. Then finally sleeping until 8 when everyone else woke up.

One more night and hopefully tonight will be less eventful!

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