Lighting the House with Love for the Holidays

Nothing says “Christmastime” to me more than seeing holiday lights up all over. And while I don’t like how the holidays are creeping into the world earlier and earlier, when I’m ready for it (after Thanksgiving has been given it’s proper time and recognition!), it’s magical.

One of my most favorite parts of getting ready for the holidays at home is putting our lights up. And I’m not just talking about a string here or there, I go all out!

We put as many lights up outside as our house can handle (which, unfortunately, is less than our old house had room for!) And I fill every spot inside with lights as well.

I love the glow of the holidays. I remember growing up and being enchanted by the Christmas lights reflecting on the fresh white snow. And while Florida doesn’t give us the snow of my childhood, I still love going to bed with the colored glow of the holiday lights inside and out.

This year I joined up with Heather from Life of a Homeschool Mom and shared how we use lights to brighten our holiday season as part of the ABCs of Homeschooling through the Holidays series.

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