A Tale of One Bunny

Homemade Halloween costumes is one of my mommy “things” (along with homemade birthday cakes) but I can’t take all the credit for the tradition, it actually started with my own mommy. She always made our costumes, whatever we wanted and they always came out amazing. And while my costumes aren’t always as elaborate, creating costumes for my children rather than buying them is an important tradition for me.

And it all started with one little bunny costume.EPSON MFP image

The now famous (in our family, anyways) bunny costume was created by my mommy for my sister’s first trick-or-treating Halloween when she was a few years old. I wore it when I was 4 and both of my cousins wore it as well as who knows how many family friends. Both of my girls have also worn it and this year is Doodle’s turn.cousins halloween

But I’ve taken it a step farther. Rather than just having my kids be bunnies, I let them pick what kind of bunny they want to be. For the girls, it was a “funny dancing bunny” (after the statue Honeybun was deathly afraid of by our house in Dublin) and this year Doodle wanted to be a “builder bunny” and in a few years, Pipsqueak will be whatever kind of bunny he’d like.Halloween Festival

It’s been a way to carry on the family bunny tradition while still putting our family spin and kids’ personalities into it and it’s a tradition I hope carries on into my future nieces and nephews and maybe even grandchildren (if then great-grandma’s creation lasts that long!)

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