Boys Will Be Boys

Nature vs. Nurture is an ancient and long-standing debate.  And despite my years working with young children and seeing the differences between boys and girls, two years ago I’m not sure I would have taken a solid stance on one side of the fence or the other.  I think I could have easily been swayed on way or the other.

Then the world gave me this guy:

d 1 month picmonkey


And not only did my life change forever, but so did my opinion on a lot of things, including nature vs. nurture.

This little booger is ALL boy.  He is rough and tumble and loud and busy.  Some people might say as a culture, we treat boys differently than girls.  We tend to roughhouse and wrestle more with boys.  We give them trucks and trains and tools and balls and bats and action figures.

d climb

But guess what?  Doodle only has a tool set and train tracks because we got them for Honeybun years ago.  And my boy has been exposed to more pink, sparkly princesses in his first 22 months that both of my girls COMBINED!

But that doesn’t stop him from whacking his sister over the head with a sword while wearing a tutu.  Or from racing to the window in sparkly, plastic high heels so he can scream “Tuck!” as the trash truck goes down the street.

d tutud viking

He is ALL boy by nature.  I’ve watched him body slam his small stuffed monkey in his bed since he was 6 months old.  I have watched him jump up and down on his daddy and grandpa’s backs.  I have watched him throw anything and everything he can get his hands on.

It’s definitely not a matter of nature vs. nurture here, he is naturally all boy and always will be (even if he does like to sport a feathery white boa every now and then!)

d boa







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