Maple, Sausage, and Egg Bagel Sandwich

I fell in love with the bagel sandwich years before I was ever a mommy.  It’s a combination a bagel shop by my Nana’s house used to offer every winter, usually around Valentine’s Day and I would travel just to get it.  The combination is just too delicious!

Maple, Sausage, and Egg bagel sandwich

All you’ll need for this amazing bagel sandwich is:

  • 1 bagel (I like a pumpkin, cinnamon or french toast flavor)
  • 1 egg
  • 3 link sausages
  • Maple cream cheese (or mix 1 carton plain cream cheese with about 2 tablespoons maple syrup, you could also use my dairy free Maple Spice Frosting)
  1. Slice and toast bagel
  2. Cook sausage according to package instructions
  3. Fry egg on both sides
  4. Spread cream cheese on both bagel sides
  5. Slice sausages lengthwise and lay on bagel
  6. Place egg on sandwich, close it up and enjoy!

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