A Mother’s Day HANDmade Bouquet

This Handprint Lily Craft is the perfect Mother’s Day craft and gift from the kids.  It looks complicated and does take a little time, but I’m confident even the most craft-deficient dad or grandparent can help their kids pull this one off!

It would also be perfect as an Easter or springtime craft for brightening up the house.


What you need for the Handprint Lily Craft:


  • A piece of background paper
  • A piece of computer paper
  • Some green paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • A pencil
  • Crayons/colored pencils/chalk (optional)handprint lily craft

Steps for making the Handprint Lily Craft:

We cut our background paper into an oval/egg shape (since this could double as an Easter craft) but you can keep it simple and leave the paper as is.SONY DSC

I let the kids color their egg (this step is optional).

Fold the piece of computer paper into quarters (flashback to school: fold it “hot dog style” then “hamburger style”).

Trace your child’s hand with fingers spread onto the folded paper and cut it out (you should end up with 4 hand prints).SONY DSC

Roll each handprint’s palm into a cone (fingers facing up) and tape.SONY DSC

Use the pencil to curl each finger by wrapping each finger around the pencil and rolling it down to the palm.SONY DSC

Cut strips from the green paper for stems and leaf shapes (optional)SONY DSC

Glue (or have your child do it if old enough) the hand flowers, stems and leaves onto the background paper.

Your Handprint Lily Craft is done and ready to delight to an adoring mommy or grandma!  (These projects show are completely kid-made.  For a more traditional parentmade version, here was our inspiration)


Pin it!Have your kids create this paper Handprint Lily Bouquet. Perfect for Easter, Mother's Day or welcoming spring.

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